A number of people have asked me how I take care of my curly hair to get it to look the way it does, so I figured it’s time to make a blog post. My shampoo and conditioners are all Clairol Hair Food. They’re sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free, everything required by the curlygirl method.

I only shampoo whenever it feels like I need to, usually 2-3 weeks, using the Hair Milk shampoo, and I’ll follow that with a deep conditioning (see below). About twice a week I fully saturate my hair and let water run through it until it feels like nothing is coming out, rinsing away any built up product from my off days, and will follow that with a deep conditioning as well.

After either of these events I do a deep condition with the Hair Milk conditioner. I’ll put 5-6 pumps of the Hair Milk into my hands after I finger comb all the hair forward, and then scrunch it all into my hair, completely saturating all of my hair. I’ll wrap it up on top of my head and then let it sit like that for 3-5 minutes while I do something else in the shower. Outside of days that require a deep conditioning, 2-3 times a week I will get my hair wet, but not rinse everything out like above, and then us a cleansing conditioner. It’s used a lot like shampoo, just put it in and rub it thoroughly. For both conditioners I don’t fully rinse, I just stick my head under the water for like 5 seconds to get it wet and then step out and wring the water out.

That leaves the days where I don’t do any of this. I don’t go under the water at all, just let it get damp from ambient spray and pat it down to get rid of my bed head.

Post-shower I wrap my head in a microfiber towel to pull out the bulk of the water, hold it for like 10 seconds, and then hang it up. I finger comb it all forward and then use the three I linked above, two pumps each into my hand, scrunching the mixture into the ends of my hair. Finally I do a plop into a stretchy tshirt and tie it up around my head. I’ll leave that on for most of the morning while I take care of the kids and get dressed, usually about an hour. Then I pull it off, shake it out, and let it air dry.

As it dries, the hair will pull up into tighter curls, but will start to get crunchy as the product causes the hair to stuck together. When this happens I’ll take the palms of my hands and very gently roll the hair between them to break up the crunch just enough so that the hair moves freely but still clumps together. It usually takes about an hour for the hair to dry. The tips dry faster than the roots, so sometimes I’ll come back in with a spray bottle that has some of the leave-in conditioner diluted in it, and just sprits the ends of my hair to get them damp.

Products Used